Morning Pride® Dual-certified Gear


Ease of movement with serious protection, this Morning Pride® Dual-certified gear reduces the stress load on the everyday first responders when compared to using standard bunker gear for rescue operations. It is lighter and more breathable, has higher mobility and flexibility, resistant to bloodbone pathogens, and is multipurpose.

Morning Pride® Dual-certified Gear Options

Popular Options

  • All Non-metal Morning Pride® Options
  • Replaceable/Interchangeable Knees
    Handy for choosing your level of protection or replacing a damaged knee to keep gear in service
  • Take-up Straps
    Better fit
  • Built-in Protective Hood
    Stowed away when not needed; easily deployed when needed
  • Fleece Vest Liner
    Attached with a zipper; gives warmth in colder areas
  • Reflective Trim Packages
    Daytime and nighttime visibility
  • Elbow Cuff and Knee Reinforcements
    Extra durability
  • Normal Leg Cuffs
    For those who don’t want stirrups
  • Detachable Moisture Barrier
    Outer shell only can be worn as standalone for non-tactical purposes, but meets no NFPA standard unless Wildland certification is specified
  • Drag Rescue Device
    Exclusive DRD specifically designed to protect the more vulnerable film side of the expensive and critical moisture barrier
  • Pockets
    Patch pockets, half-height patch pockets, handwarmer pockets, half-height bellows pockets, semi-bellows, EZ grip flaps, bellows pockets, notebook pockets, undershield pockets, bandolero pockets, radio pockets, air mask pockets, flashlight pockets, reinforcements, dividers, contoured pant pockets, hip pockets, medical records pockets
  • Mic Tabs
  • SL-90 Flashlight Holders
  • Snap-style Suspenders
    Quick-adjust and standard
  • Boot Access Panels
  • Angled Cuffs
    Stirrups not available with angled cuffs

Certified Escape Systems

  • Spider™ Harness – Integrated Class II safety and rescue harness with A-frame
  • Patriot™ Harness – Integrated Class II safety and rescue harness
  • Life Grip™ Ladder / Escape Belt – Functional and fully adjustable escape belt

Morning Pride® Dual-certified Gear Features and Benefits

The gear offers reduced weight and ease of movement with superior protection for essentially all non-fire incidents, which account for over 70% of fire service runs. When responding to EMS, rescues, extrications, confined space work, and hazardous material spills, use of lightweight, far less expensive technical rescue gear will save wear and tear of more expensive structural bunker gear and provide responders the right gear for each functional area (fire and non-fire).

THL for Dual-certified gear is a minimum of 450 W/m2, whereas Structural is 205 W/m2.

  • Two-layer System
    Features two-layer (outer shell and liner) design, which allows the shell to take the punishment of daily use but protects the pathogen/moisture barrier unlike single-layer tri-laminate designs. The two-layer system has been widely preferred in the field and allows onsite customization (patches, rank upgrades, and more).

Highly Breathable FR Outer Shells and Colors

  • Millenia™ Light (FR)
    5.5 oz – 40% PBO, 60% Kevlar® with enhanced water repellency – bronze

Moisture Barrier

  • Crosstech® SR
    4.3 oz 2-layer laminate using a PTFE bi-component film with woven aramid substrate

Standard Features

Sewn-in Liner
Shirt-style Cuffs with Hook and Loop Adjustable Tabs
Variegated Length Tail
Increased range of motion in upper legs, improved torso ventilation, better visibility from behind
Zipper, Hook and Loop Pant Closure
Liner Inspection Port at the Fly
Chinstrap Built into the Shield
Long Tabbed Wristlets
Seal the moisture barrier against the arm and prevent movement of debris up the arm
Zipper, Hook and Loop Coat Closure
Allows for tailored, integrated
collar design
Rig-friendly Suspender
Snap Attachment

More comfortable, easy to use
Liner Inspection Port at the Tail
Traditional Waist-high Pant
Increased mobility at the waist, full torso ventilation

DuPont™ Nomex® and Kevlar® are trademarks or registered trademarks of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company.

Dual-certified to:

NFPA 1951 for Technical Rescue and Recovery Clothing
NFPA 1999 for Emergency Medical Operations Clothing