Morning Pride® VIPER

Ergonomically Engineered for Maximum Mobility

When we set out to create the new generation of turnout gear, our designers searched the global garment industry for ideas that could solve a key design problem: how to make gear that delivers comfort and mobility without adding weight or bulk.

We found the answer in skiing, snowboarding, and other high-performance sports where the limits of mobility are pushed to the extreme.

Using Advanced pattern engineering to improve ergonomics, we were able to significantly reduce fabric bulk while maximizing mobility and thermal insulation.

Morning Pride® VIPER Options


  • Dead Air Panels
  • Articulating DRD
  • Hybrid Wristlet
  • Dyna-Fit “Rig Friendly” Removable Suspenders
  • Angled Cuffs
  • Heat-channel Knee
  • BiFlex Heat-channel Knee
  • 3D BiFlex Heat-channel Knee

Popular Coat Options

  • Wristlets with Thumbholes
  • Leather or Hypalon Cuffs and Elbows
  • Shoulder and Elbow Pads
  • Kevlar® Reinforced Pockets
  • Glove Holder Webbing
  • Lettering on Back Patch
  • Choice of Required Trim Packages

Popular Pant Options

  • Full-bellows Pockets – 10˝ x 10˝
  • Oversize Knee Reinforcements
  • Kevlar® Reinforced Pockets
  • Choice of Knee and Cuff Reinforcements
  • Leather or Hypalon Cuffs and Knee Patches
  • Knee Pads
  • Semi-bellows Pockets– 9˝ x 9˝
  • S14 Buckle Suspender System Waterwells
  • Choice of Required Trim Packages

Certified Escape Systems

  • Spider™ Harness – Integrated Class II safety and rescue harness with A-frame
  • Patriot™ Harness – Integrated Class II safety and rescue harness
  • Life Grip™ Ladder / Escape Belt – Functional and fully adjustable escape belt

Morning Pride® VIPER Features and Benefits

Viper Special Features

Available Coat and Pant Closure Systems

All paired with hook and loop

  • Zipper under flap
  • Hooks and dees outside flap
  • Hooks and dees inside flap closure (optional)
Unique Ergonomic Shoulder
and Underarm Design

Increases venting
Eliminates the gusset for less bunching under the arm,
increasing comfort
Minimizes coat rise
Sidewinder™ Coat Pockets
Many other pocket types
available as options –
all sewn below the waist to avoid
overlap with SCBA straps
(graded size) (patent pending)
Side Adjustment Pull-tabs in Tough and Durable Nomex® Webbing
Waist adjustment of 4˝ to 6˝ provides
a better, tailored fit

Full-bellows Pockets (10˝ x 10˝)
For large capacity
Kevlar® Reinforced Pockets
Maximized durability
Ergonomic Legs
2 front panels divided at the knee
The lower front panel is convex at the knee for better mobility and fit in all positions
Choice of Knee and Cuff Reinforcements
Matching your specification needs
Integrated Collar and Storm
Flap T-Closer™

Eliminates the gap found in so many other throat strap and collar designs (patented)
Bar-tack Reinforced Stress Points
For enhanced durability
SteamGard™ Wrist Trim
Helps reduce the risk of compression burns and complies with the new SET requirement of NFPA 1971
Lo-rise Front, Hi-rise Back Pant
Maximizes mobility and flexibility
Oversize Knee Reinforcements
Cover the knee both standing
and kneeling

DuPont™ Nomex® and Kevlar® are trademarks or registered trademarks of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company.
Neoprene-lined Anti-wicking
Pant Bottoms

Protect against water wicking up

Certification – NFPA 1971