Morning Pride® RANGER™

Light on Your Back...Even Lighter on Your Budget!

Tough, rugged, made to fit each unique firefighter, RANGER™ turnout gear protects through the roughest of calls. Offering you a wide variety of options so you can custom design your gear to serve your specific needs, RANGER™ gear is comfortable and light, making it the optimal choice for budget-conscious fire departments who do not want to compromise on quality or protection.

Morning Pride® RANGER™ Options

Popular Coat Options

  • 35˝ Ranger Model
  • Leather or Ara-shield® Cuffs, Shoulder Caps and Elbows
  • Lettering on Back Patch
  • Half-height Bellows Pockets – 6˝ x 9˝ x 1.5˝
  • Radio Pocket – 8˝ x 3˝ x 2˝
  • Microphone Tab
  • Long Tabbed Nomex® Wristlets
  • Choice of Required Trim Packages

Popular Pant Options

  • Leather or Ara-shield® Knees
  • Bellows Pockets – 9˝ x 9˝ x 1.5˝
  • Suspenders – Dyna-Fit with Quick-adjust and Padding or H-back
  • Choice of Required Trim Packages

Certified Escape Systems

  • Spider™ Harness – Integrated Class II safety and rescue harness with A-frame
  • Patriot™ Harness – Integrated Class II safety and rescue harness
  • Life Grip™ Ladder / Escape Belt – Functional and fully adjustable escape belt
  • Kevlar® ladder/escape belt

Morning Pride® RANGER™ Features and Benefits

Articulating Drag Rescue Device
Comfortable in everyday wear, able to deploy in multiple directions with little discomfort to the wearer, rolled edges reduce abrasion against moisture barrier (patented)
Hook and Loop Double Stitched on Coat Closure, Chinstrap, and Collar
Longer durability
Black Leather Cuff Reinforcements
Longer durability in high-abrasion areas
Variegated Length Hem
Increased range of motion in upper legs, improved torso ventilation, better visibility from behind
Postman Take-up Straps
Adjustable to provide a better, tailored fit (standard on pants, option on coats)
Full-access Pant Fly
Easier for donning and doffing, stores over boots more easily
Custom Sizing
Five custom alteration measurements, three additional when needed, are taken for a true custom fit
Black Leather Cuff
Longer durability in
high-abrasion areas
Shoulder and Elbow Thermal Enhancements
Increased thermal protection in compression areas
Raglan Sleeves with
Forward Flex Attribute

Higher comfort, better mobility
in the arm
Nesting of All Three Garment Layers
3 layers work as a system to maximize ergonomic function
of the gear
Waterproof Wristlets
Double-layer Nomex® wristlets with continuous moisture barrier provide a liquid seal at the wrist (patented)
Traditional Waist-high Pant
Increased mobility at the waist, full-torso ventilation

DuPont™ and Nomex® are trademarks or registered
trademarks of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company.
Seam Guard on Trim at Cuffs
(Structural Only)

Better resistance of threads in high-abrasion areas for longer durability (patented)

Certification – NFPA 1971