Morning Pride® Gear Shield

Honeywell Morning Pride® Gear Shield and Heat Stress Relief Package

Our renowned Morning Pride® standard configuration already significantly blocks a substantial portion of dangerous particulates from getting onto your skin. The Honeywell Morning Pride® Gear Shield package provides additional protection by further reducing the amount of nano-particles that can enter your gear. Our integrated particulate-shielding design addresses the key interface areas (helmet to hood to air mask, coat to pant, glove to coat sleeve, and boot to pant cuff), while maintaining breathability and encouraging air circulation throughout the gear to combat heat stress.

This design is intended to reduce your exposure to smoke particles with the associated fire gases and functions as one part of your department’s overall health initiatives, which should also include proper cleaning and maintenance of your gear, as well as good hygiene following fireground exposures.

All products available only for Morning Pride TAILS™ turnout gear.

  • The Core Shield and Heat Release Liner can be retrofitted into Morning Pride TAILS™ turnout gear manufactured June 2016 or later (these changes require replacement of the full liner).
  • Products can be ordered individually or together for maximum protection.
Part# Description
LN-HRL Heat Release Liner
OPCSO73 Core Shield
WWCW06PS Arm Shield: Wristlet/Shingle Cuff (Removable)
Leg Shield: Telescoping Water Dam
MaskMate Hood with STEDAIR® PREVENT, Nomex® / Lenzing® (White, Black)
MaskMate Hood with STEDAIR® PREVENT, Nomex® (White)
MaskMate Hood with STEDAIR® PREVENT, PBI® / Lenzing® (Tan)

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Morning Pride® Gear Shield