Structural Turnout Gear

Morning Pride® Gear Shield

Morning Pride® Gear Shield

Honeywell Morning Pride® Gear Shield and Heat Stress Relief Packager

Our renowned Morning Pride® standard configuration already significantly blocks a substantial portion of dangerous particulates from getting onto your skin. The Honeywell Morning Pride® Gear Shield package provides additional protection by further reducing the amount of nano-particles that can enter your gear.Our integrated particulate-shielding design addresses the key interface areas (helmet to hood to air mask, coat to pant, glove to coat sleeve, and boot to pant cuff), while maintaining breathability and encouraging air circulation throughout the gear to combat heat stress.

This design is intended to reduce your exposure to smoke particles with the associated fire gases and functions as one part of your department’s overall health initiatives, which should also include proper cleaning and maintenance of your gear, as well as good hygiene following fireground exposures.

Morning Pride® Pro Fit

Morning Pride® quality with a modern and stress free fit

Take comfort to the next level with our new Morning Pride® Pro Fit Pant. This modern design combines the best of both worlds – the tailored fit you have come to expect from Morning Pride, along with the mobility of an athletic cut. It’s still a Morning Pride pant, so you can trust the high quality and durability, and of course find a rich selection of optional features.

Morning Pride Tails

Morning Pride® TAILS™

Honeywell Morning Pride® TAILS™: The best just got better

Honeywell Morning Pride® TAILS™ have been re-engineered using advanced patterning technology to provide a better fit, new features, and allow more range of motion and protection. The new Honeywell Morning Pride® TAILS™ have added new ergonomic and safety refinements.

The new Morning Pride® TAILS™ retain the classic features and benefits of the original that you probably wear, but have been re-engineered to provide a better fit, new features, and allow more range of motion and protection.

Now, all firefighters, including larger and smaller sized responders, can expect greater comfort, mobility and safety on the fireground.

Morning Pride Viper

Morning Pride® VIPER

Ergonomically Engineered for Maximum Mobility

When we set out to create the new generation of turnout gear, our designers searched the global garment industry for ideas that could solve a key design problem: how to make gear that delivers comfort and mobility without adding weight or bulk.

We found the answer in skiing, snowboarding, and other high-performance sports where the limits of mobility are pushed to the extreme.

Using Advanced pattern engineering to improve ergonomics, we were able to significantly reduce fabric bulk while maximizing mobility and thermal insulation.

Morning Pride Edge

Morning Pride® EDGE

Proven Performance and Reliability

EDGE is made for the firefighter who wants the latest technology, yet wishes to keep a traditional cut. Proven and versatile in all environments, EDGE delivers the high level of performance you need to depend on.

Advanced design meets classic styling.

Designed with ample displacement for all-around mobility, comfort, and performance.

Morning Pride Ranger

Morning Pride® RANGER™

Light on Your Back...Even Lighter on Your Budget!

Tough, rugged, made to fit each unique firefighter, RANGER™ turnout gear protects through the roughest of calls. Offering you a wide variety of options so you can custom design your gear to serve your specific needs, RANGER™ gear is comfortable and light, making it the optimal choice for budget-conscious fire departments who do not want to compromise on quality or protection.

Morning Pride VE Gear

Morning Pride® VE Gear


VE Gear was developed to deliver value-engineered turnout gear fully certified to NFPA standards, at a price that meets the needs of more budget-restrained departments. It offers two closure styles, both fully equipped with the necessary options to ensure safe and functional performance. With VE Gear you know you are getting tough, reliable gear that will not compromise protection.