Honeywell TITAN™ SCBA

Breathing new life into your SCBA

Developed through extensive collaboration and testing with firefighters — TITAN™ has a smart, simple, intuitive design that delivers:

  • Unrestricted movement. Firefighters can stand, crawl, bend, reach and more — and count on the TITAN™ SCBA to move with them.
  • Bright status lights. So firefighters can always track their safety — even in dense smoke and darkness.
  • Durable materials. Strong aluminum back frame and tough shoulder straps — keeping TITAN™ on the fireground and out of the repair shop.
  • Honeywell’s highest standards of safety and reliability. From the same company that develops safety equipment for aircraft pilots, combat soldiers and industrial workers

Honeywell TITAN™ SCBA Features and Benefits

Your SCBA is the single-most important piece of equipment you will take into a fire.
It needs to be reliable, comfortable and user-friendly, so you can have 100 percent confidence in your equipment during the heat of the battle.

That’s why Honeywell developed TITAN™ SCBA, a new SCBA with advanced functionality for safety, reliability and usability. Through extensive collaboration and testing with firefighters, we designed the TITAN™ SCBA to be smart, intuitive and easy to use, delivering everything you need in your SCBA — and nothing you don’t.

Lightweight, comfortable and ergonomic.

Honeywell TITAN™ SCBA works with you, not against you, so you can move freely for whatever your task requires. Enjoy a new level of maneuverability with:

  • Unrestricted movement. TITAN™ SCBA rests on your hips, not your shoulders, which keeps the weight of the TITAN™ SCBA at your center of gravity on your hips, not your shoulders. Plus, it has at the swivel-and-pivot mechanism for offers unrestricted movement. So whether you’re standing, crawling, bending, maneuvering in a tight space, or just reaching for a flashlight or other tool, you can count on the TITAN™ SCBA to move with you.
    Are you used to body fatigue? Shoulder pain? Hitting your helmet on the cylinder when you look up? Get ready for a new experience with TITAN™ SCBA.
  • The strength you need for rescuing a man down.
    TITAN™ SCBA has an aerospace-grade aluminum back frame, grab strap and durable waist belt that withstand 1,000 pounds of pull force, plus shoulder straps that withstand more than 700 pounds. That means you can safely raise, lower and rescue your fellow firefighters to safety while retaining total confidence in your SCBA.
  • Unobstructed visibility. With the TITAN™ SCBA’s scratch-resistant, anti-fog CBRN face piece, you can see through smoke, darkness and glare with no distortion — and no obstruction to your peripheral view.
  • Shoulder straps that stand up to your environment — and don’t slip or pull. Thanks to an advanced special material that’s both lightweight and tough, TITAN™ SCBA’s shoulder straps remain secure on your shoulders for your every task. The shoulder straps are also impermeable to liquids and contaminants, with exceptional resistance to temperature and abrasion.
  • Integrated ladder/escape belt for even more versatility. TITAN™ SCBA is compatible with Honeywell’s optional Life Grip™ NFPA Escape waist belt and optional NFPA Ladder Belt, which you can use as a rappelling belt, drag strap, ladder belt or truck belt. Whether you need to secure a firefighter to a ladder, pull victims up a stairway or rappel down a roof, Life Grip serves as a natural extension of your body.

Always know your safety status — and the status of your fellow firefighters — even in dense smoke or darkness.

Honeywell TITAN™ SCBA has unique features to improve your safety:

  • Dual motion sensors prevent pre-alarms – for minimizing false man-down alerts — while preventing false alarms. TITAN™ SCBA is the first SCBA to feature two motion sensors in the PASS instead of just one. With these dual sensors, one in the front PASS and one in the back PASS, TITAN™ SCBA monitors your movements with accuracy. So when you see and hear a motion alarm, you can take it seriously. The dual sensors also minimize battery consumption by keeping the PASS out of unnecessary alarm.
  • Real-time heat sensors indicator so you can monitor your safety.
    Thanks to today’s turnout gear, and a 45-minute cylinder you can go deeper into a fire and stay there longer, but do you know how much heat you’re absorbing? How long can you safely stay in the fight? Honeywell TITAN™ SCBA’s ThermAlert — a heat alarm in the PASS — monitors your heat, and the time you have been exposed to the heat and then alarming gives you a real-time indicator of temperature so you know when you’ve been exposed to too much heat when you need telling you to leave the area.
  • Crystal-clear voice communications. Struggling to communicate clearly on the fireground? TITAN™ SCBA keeps you connected to your teammates with crisp person-to-person communication that preserves the unique sound of each user’s voice. With this optional voice amplification system (VAS), you’ll always know whom you’re talking to, so you can feel reassured in the heat of the battle. Choose push-to-talk or hands-free constant talk.