Survivair Commando SCBA


The Survivair Commando SCBA (NIOSH) is designed for SWAT teams or others who need to use an SCBA surreptitiously. Its black coloring blends into the background at night.

Survivair Commando SCBA Options

Survivair Commando SCBA Features and Benefits

Developed in response to requests by police department SWAT teams, the Survivair Commando is designed to be as unobtrusive and quiet as possible, while still assuring maximum safety and comfort. The Survivair Commando must not be used for firefighting or in the presence of high heat or direct flame.

Product Numbers and Ordering Information

  • CustomCommando SCBA
    See the SCBA Configuration for details on how to configure a Commando SCBA.

  • Additional Information
    See the SCBA Configuration for details on how to configure a Commando SCBA.

Recommended Industries/Use

  • Chemical
  • Fire Protection
  • Government
  • Law Enforcement
  • Military


  • Airborne Particulates
  • Biohazard
  • Chemical
  • Confined Space
  • Contamination
  • Extreme Environment
  • Explosion
  • Gas, Vapors, Smoke


  • NIOSH 42 CFR Part 84

Historical Brand


Warranty Information

SCBA: 12 years – First stage pressure reducer: Lifetime – Cylinder: 15 years – Electronics (except for Communication Accessories): 3 years


  • Type
    Open-circuit pressure demand self-contained breathing apparatus
  • Facepiece Material
  • Facepiece Style
    TwentyTwenty Plus
  • Facepiece Sizes
    Small, medium or large
  • Nose Cup Sizes
    Small, medium or large
  • Head Harness
    Silicone or Kevlar®
  • Audible Alarm
  • Visual Alarm
    Heads-Up Display (HUD)
  • Cylinder Pressures
    2216, 3000 or 4500 psig
  • Cylinder Durations
    30-, 45- or 60-minutes
  • Second Stage Regulator
    Pilot valve
  • Styling
    Black harness, facepiece and cylinder, with optional cylinder shroud

Training and Proper Use