Salvage Master


The Salvage Master is a unique, powerful, back-mounted wet vacuum to help in cleanup operations.

Salvage Master Options

Salvage Master Features and Benefits

The Survivair Salvage Master is a highly efficient wet vacuum unit designed for quick pickup and disposal of water and debris. It’s ideal for everything from fire department salvage operations to routine cleaning in hard-to-get-at places.

Product Number and Ordering Information

  • 970200 – Salvage Master Wet Vacuum
    Includes squeegee adapter
  • 970052 – Carpet Adapter
    Optional accessory for Salvage Master

Recommended Industries/Use

  • Fire Protection


  • Contamination

Historical Brand


Warranty Information

1 year


  • Safety Feature
    Float device which automatically activates a high-pitched noise to indicate when the tank is full
  • Safety Feature
    GFCI plug, designed to afford lifesaving protection in wet or damp areas, or near grounded surfaces

Training and Proper Use