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Reed Hood Features and Benefits

These Reed Hoods are the most up-to-date design from the legendary Captain Clifford Reed. They can be configured in almost all turnout coat composite layups.

All Reed Hoods feature an extra layer of gray Nomex® facecloth/heavy batt thermal liner over the ears. The 2002 Edition Reed Hood offers the very high traditional Reed Hood levels of insulation but with this important advancement – improved patterning and construction for a better lay on the body and better helmet interface.

HD-REED – 3-layer

Outer Shell
7.5 oz Bronze Pbi™

Moisture Barrier
Crosstech® on Nomex® facecloth moisture barrier

Thermal Liner
Platinum Semi-slick light batt Aralite inner liner (TPP before/after wash... 40.2/44.1)
HD-REED3 – 2 Layer
Houston Fire Department specified layup

Outer Shell
7.5 oz Pbi

No Moisture Barrier

Thermal Liner
Platinum Semi-slick facecloth/heavy batt thermal liner. Extra thermal liner layer at crown (TPP before/after wash...29.1/32.6)

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Certification – NFPA 1971