Lite Force LR Low Rider Modern Proximity Helmets


The Morning Pride® Lite Force LR Low Rider delivers a lower center of gravity, and our 6-position suspension provides a full inch and a half of adjustment for a quick and easy custom fit.

Lite Force LR Low Rider Modern Proximity Helmets Options

Optional Accessories

  • J-Fire Shroud
  • Faceshield Cover
  • Leather Headband and Ratchet Cover

Lite Force LR Low Rider Modern Proximity Helmets Features and Benefits

The new LR Low Rider helmets offer a newly designed suspension and headband cover system that allows the Lite Force to ride lower on your head which lowers the center of gravity therefore improving balance while it also reduces strain on the head, neck and shoulders.

The Lite Force features a new 6-way tab that provides 50% more depth adjustment for the headband that provides a true custom fit for any shape and size of head.

High Heat Performance Shells
Proprietary technology – standard
Superior Suspension System
One-piece headband and ratchet assembly that can be adjusted without disassembly, and accommodates the widest range of hat sizes of any NFPA helmet on the market –from under size 6 to over
size 9.
Large Hang-up Loop
Large enough to easily fit over a peg
Aluminized Helmet Cover
and Shroud
Reversible 2-point
Quick-attach Postman
Slide Chinstrap

Tough and durable Nomex® chinstraps are quickly and easily changed or switched to right- or left-hand cinch
6-way Adjustable
Headband Tabs

Provide full 1 1/2” depth adjustment of the headband therefore provides a true custom fit for any head shape and size
Aramid Liner Cap
2-piece Padded Brow Cover Comfort Cap and
Ratchet Cover
Comfortable and Easy to Replace Suspension
Cradles your head in comfort
6˝ x .150˝ New Generation Gold
Coat Faceshield

DuPont™ and Nomex® are trademarks or registered trademarks of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company.

Certification – NFPA 1971