EMS Helmets


The Morning Pride® EMS helmet shells are made of specially engineered Poly-Med high-density plastic to meet ANSI Z891-2003, Type 1, Class E standards.

EMS Helmets Options


  • Reflective Trim
    Reflexite® 4 - 1" x 4" Lime
  • Face Protection Visors
    Visor brackets are available for front brim and full brim models. Both use the same faceshield or mesh screens. No tools are required for installation.
  • Choice of Goggles
    Select from Paulson or ESS brand goggles with Pbi®/Nomex® elastic straps
  • Hearing Protection
    Muffs can be used by themselves or in conjunction with visor brackets on all front brim and full brim models. No tools are required for installation.
  • Ear Covers For Every Purpose
    Choices of optional ear covers include yellow Nomex® FR cotton and yellow Nomex® FR cotton NFPA 1977 face and neck shroud
  • 2-point and 4-point Nomex® with Quick-release Chinstrap
  • Leather Headband and Ratchet Covers
  • Winter Liner

EMS Helmets Features and Benefits

Front Brim Model

Shell Material
Adjustable 4-point Suspension
Automatically threaded and electronically welded overhead straps in a 4-point suspension that provides outstanding performance at an economical price. Headband ratchet assembly provides 4-way depth adjustment front and rear to ensure proper fit and comfort.
Shell Colors
White, Red, Yellow, Blue,
and Orange
More Comfortable
Specially made headband keeps straps away from your head and cushions your scalp in soft material for added comfort.
No Assembly Required on Standard Helmet

Certification – ANSI Z891-2003, Type 1, Class E