Maximized Body Protection for Mobility and Action

VIPER EN is ergonomically engineered to meet the rigors of today’s firefighting professional.

More complex fires and increased multidisciplinary tasks require protective clothing that adapts by offering full range of motion to all areas of the body.

It is not only a question of comfort, but one of saving precious seconds in the life and death situations that are part of the everyday world for firefighters.

VIPER EN Options

VIPER EN Features and Benefits

Integrated Collar and Storm Flap

Eliminates the gap found in so many other throat strap and collar designs (patented)
Unique Ergonomic Shoulder and Underarm Design
Eliminates the gusset for less bunching under the arm, increasing comfort. Minimizes coat rise
3M® Triple Trim - 5 cm
Sidewinder Coat Pockets™
Sewn below the waist to avoid overlap with SCBA straps (graded size) (patent pending)
Side Adjustment Pull-tabs
Tough and durable
Nomex® webbing
Waist adjustment provides a better, tailored fit
Ergonomic Seat Design
For comfortable fit with no bulk (patent pending)
Full-bellow Pant Pocket
For large capacity content
25 cm x 25 cm
Kevlar® Reinforced Pockets
Maximized durability
Hypalon Knee and Cuff Reinforcements
For extended durability
Ergonomic Leg
Two front panels divided at knee. The lower front panel is convex at the knee for better mobility and fit in all positions
Pant Bottoms

Protect against warter wicking up
Coat and Pant Closure System:
Zipper under flap paired with hook
and loop
Tapered Athletic Stance Design
Offers enhanced mobility by design and not by oversizing
Steam-blocker Elbow Pad
For maximized thermal protection
Quick-release Suspenders
Lo-rise Front/Hi-rise Back Pant
Maximizes mobility and flexibility
Heavy-duty Connection
Includes double-stitched seams
Oversize Knee Reinforcements
Covers the knee both standing
and kneeling
Thermally Enhanced Knee Pad
For maximized thermal protection

DuPont™ Nomex® and Kevlar® are trademarks or registered trademarks of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company.