Honeywell Response 120

For firefighters who seek the latest technology and reliable performance, there is just one choice...Honeywell Response!

Honeywell Response 120 delivers a contemporary design and applies the latest in ergonomic features, built-in options, and proven fabrics. The result is that you are protected with gear that meets and exceeds the rigorous EN 469:2005 level 2 standard.

Honeywell Response 120 features:

  • PBI® outer shell
  • Ergonomic design features provide increased movement and minimize restriction.
  • Integrated coat pockets reduce fabric bulk while delivering a sleek look and a smooth appearance.
  • Reinforcements in critical compression areas such as knees, cuffs, hem, and wristlets.

Honeywell Response 120 Options

Honeywell Response 120 Features and Benefits

Throat Closure Tab
Extra protection in neck area
Flashlight Holder
Holds flashlight in place
Prevents water/debris
from entering sleeve
Full-bellows Pant Pockets
Extra capacity to hold
needed equipment
Reinforced Knees
Longer durability in high
abrasion area
Premium Thermal Liner
Enhanced comfort
FF Identification
Thumb Loops
Prevent sleeve retraction
Cuff Tightener
More comfort
Elastic and Adjustable Suspenders
Comfortably hold pants in place
Extra Horizontal Reflective Trim
Maximum visibility
Anti-wicking strips at bottom of coat and pant legs
Comfortably hold pants in place