Oliver 66-395

Lace-up Structural Firefighter Boot

Technology and comfort optimized in a new hard-working, sleek-looking, performance-driven boot. Engineered for comfort, safety, and control, this full-height boot is simply unrivaled in stability and durability.

Oliver 66-395 Options

Size: 3-15, includes half sizes

Oliver 66-395 Features and Benefits

  • Type 2 Structural Firefighting Footwear
  • Color: Black
  • Size: 3-15, includes half sizes

Fully Lined with Sympatex® Waterproof Liner & Membrane
Water-resistant and
Flame-retardant Leather
230 mm (9 in) High
Poron® XRD™
Extreme Ankle Protection
Heat Resistant Outsole
To 300°C surface contact
Unique COMFORTcushion®
Combines cellular urethane and Poron® to protect the heel and ball of the foot from impact, reducing foot, leg and lower back fatigue
Superior Slip-, Cut-, Split- and
Crack-resistant Sole with Qflex® Midsole Penetration Protection
Lace-in Quick-release
Zipper Attachment

For fast donning and duffing
Heavy-duty Red Nomex® Stitching and Flame-proof Laces
3M® Flame-resistant
High-visibility Reflective Tape
TECtuff® Toe
Bumper Protection
Padded Type 1 Toe Cap
Lightweight, high-impact, composite (non-metallic), wide-profile Type 1 toe cap padded with a latex cushion liner to ensure toes are comfortable and not in contact with cap
Sole Resistant to Mineral and Organic Oils and Acids
Heavy-duty Dual Density Nitrile Rubber Soling system
Utilizes two layers of expanded rubber cells for a soft midsole, which cushions the foot on impact, and a high-density hard-wearing outsole

Certifications – EN15090:2012, AS/NZS 4821:2006