Class II Spider Harness™ System


The industry’s first externally adjustable leg loops. What really separates the Spider Harness™ from all the others is what it can do that no other integrated bunker pant system can...with a simple tug on the externally accessible leg loop take-up straps, you instantly go from donning and doffing configuration, where looser leg loops allow you to stow your pants over your boots, to snug and ready for action.

Class II Spider Harness™ System Options

Optional Tether
Stows at waist for use with ladder hook (ladder hooks and carabiners not Honeywell products)

Class II Spider Harness™ System Features and Benefits

  • Built-in Two-inch Increments For even waist sizes 32-inch and above
  • Smooth Pant Adaptation (nothing like anything you’ve ever seen)
    1. The pants provide a right-over-left closure with internal zipper and Velcro® fly.
    2. The waist belt is external for easy access and installation while the leg loops are between the shell and liner to provide “snag free” piece of mind.
    3. The harness closure system is securely mounted to the pant with the D-ring on the fly and the snap hook on the left front pant panel. Donning and doffing is just like a regular bunker pant. It’s so intuitive firefighters take to it immediately.
    4. The A-Frame extends to the right hip where it can be pre-connected to your rescue/descent system.
    5. The leg loop tension is adjustable and is easily accessible even when wearing a hip mounted Rescue Bag, so tightening the legs quickly is still not a problem.
  • Leg Loops Can Be Loosened While wearing Bunker Pants
    Just locate the leg loops adjuster hardware inside the pant shell with your thumb and work it down and away from the waist belt.
  • Separate Sliding D-ring
    For bailout system pre-connect
  • Optional Tether
    Stows at waist for use with ladder hook (ladder hooks and carabiners not Honeywell products)

Special Note on Sizing: Spider Harness™ is only available in sizes 32 inch waist and larger.

Integrated Harness Pant System
Easy to inspect, remove, and install
(Patriot Harness shown)
Sliding D-Ring
to attach escape system
Velcro® Stow Tabs
for tether and ladder hook
Sliding D-Ring
to attach tether
Leg Loops
can be worn exterally (shown) or internally
FDNY Style Tabs
for externally mounted
leg loops
Leg Loop Adjustment Tab
Four Breakaway Velcro® Tabs
front and back

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UL classified to NFPA 1983, current edition
Components UL classified to NFPA 1971, current edition