Advanced Protective Tracking (APT)

Advanced Protective Tracking (APT) sets the benchmark for asset tracking software designed specifically for first responders. Created by our information technology department, APT was written by people who understand first responders and their needs. By using APT, first responders can track their Honeywell products, measure their effective life spans, and see firsthand how products made by HFRP last longer than other brands. We are so sure of this, in fact, that we offer APT free to our customers. That’s right: the most comprehensive asset tracking program available to the fire service is free to HFRP customers. Contact your sales representative to learn more about how you can get your copy of APT today.

  • User friendly: designed by firefighters for firefighters.
  • Works with NT 4.0 or higher.
  • Track an unlimited number of assets.
  • Install and begin using in less than 5 minutes.
  • Multi-user, network-ready, no extra charge.
  • No limit on the number of users who can access APT on the network.
  • Dozens of built-in reports.
  • Use your existing barcodes or use ours.
  • Password protection is optional.
  • Full source code included.
  • Created using Microsoft Access but Microsoft Office is not required.
  • Procedure manual included.
  • Online system help available.
  • Track your PPE and fire extinguishers, SCBA, warehouse inventory, even your personnel.


1. How do I erase sample data provided in the sample database? I want to customize our database with our department equipment.
If you would like to customize your database with inventory manufactured for your organization, please do the following BEFORE you follow “Adding Inventory File” instructions:
Open up APT and login (enter your initials for the User; no password is required; click Login)
At Main Menu, select Options (System Setup screen will appear)
Using the right arrow located at top right of your screen, tab over to Purge System

Place a check in the following boxes
a. Inventory
b. Personnel
c. Transactions
d. History
e. Maintenance
Click Delete

2. How do I upload inventory purchased from Honeywell First Responder Products into APT?

Save to your desktop the attachment provided by Honeywell First Responder Products.
Open up APT and login (enter your initials for the User; no password is required; click login).
Click on the “Import Inventory” button. A message box will appear that says “You are about to import and update inventory information. Are you sure this is what you want to do?
Click Yes. A new browser window will appear letting, you browse out to the location of the Inventory file.
Browse out to your desktop and double-click on the Inventory.txt file.
Follow the onscreen prompts to install the program.
Your inventory is now added to your APT system. To view the added items, simply click on Inventory from the main menu.

3. What type of scanner does Honeywell First Responder Products support and / or recommend?
Honeywell Voyager 1200g Barcode Scanner with USB Connection. CLICK HERE to download specifications.

4. How do I import our fire department roster into APT?
CLICK HERE to download our roster import spreadsheet. At a minimum, please fill in the columns shaded in red.
Attached File Name: personnel.xls
Attached File Description: Excel spreadsheet for importing personnel into the APT program.
Save the attached file to your desired location. (Hint: Most people like to save this file in the C:\Program Files\APT directory so it is easy to remember)
In your APT program, go into the setup screen
In setup, make sure the Company Info tab is selected and find the Personnel Import Path field.
Click the Browse button under the Personnel Import Path field and browse out to where you saved the file. (By default, your browser will open to the C:\\Program Files\APT directory.)
Double click on the personnel import file. This will let your program know where to find the file. (You should not have to do this step again unless you change the location of the import file.)
You are now ready to add your personnel records to the file. You can either add the personnel records manually or cut and paste them from another Excel spreadsheet. PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE THE FORMAT OF THE SPREADSHEET! THIS WILL PREVENT THE FILE FROM BEING IMPORTED INTO YOUR PROGRAM!
From the main menu, click the Import Personnel button. You will be asked if you want to import personnel records. Click Yes
You will then be asked if you want to inactivate personnel records that are not listed on the spreadsheet. ONLY CLICK YES IF YOU ARE SURE ALL ACTIVE PERSONNEL ARE STILL ON THE EXCEL SPREADSHEET!!!

Your personnel records will now be added to the Locations section of your program.

5. Does APT have an automatic backup?
No. You must set up your own system for backup. Please ensure that the contents of C:\Program Files\APT file folder are backed up